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  • Our products are from a renewable resource that is harvested locally. Aspen has a rapid grow rate and matures at 30-35 years for lumber as opposed to red oak (50-85 years) and walnut (50-60 years)
  • Our products’ design saves 30-40% in material
  • The sawdust created is used for erosion control and landscaping
  • Wood scrap is used for outdoor cooking in the fire pit also for kindling in our high efficiency fireplace and wood furnace
  • The finish is biodegradable and plant based, applied by hand
  • Shipping boxes from recycled cardboard manufactured in northern Wisconsin


  • Conversion from Incandescent lighting to CFL. Originally we were using 1425W, and currently using 203W, a savings of 1222W
  • Natural lighting installed- 2 large windows on the south side of the building for natural light and solar thermals in the winter
  • Devised our own draft seal for roll up doors (no seal was commercially available)
  • Installed high efficiency heater
  • Converted our machinery from 110V to 220V which used half the energy
  • No commute to work means a savings on gas


  • As we grow we will generate more sawdust. We plan to purchase a pellet mill to make wood pellets and close the loop entirely on our waste. Therefore turning waste into energy, and we will also be able to provide heat for the workshop and possibly the home and office.
  • We would also like to invest in micro-hydro to produce energy from our lake and creek to offset our usage and also explore opportunities for wind and solar power.


How refreshing to see a local company conducting business in an environmental, earth-friendly way. As more and more
local businesses incorporate renewable energy, efficiency, and resource conservation Practices into their business
operations we can hope that this will become the 'new normal' and help all of us to build a healthier, greener, and
more sustainable future. Don Posh Designs sets an excellent example for all who care about the health of our planet
and the future world our children will inherit. This is an enterprise that deserves to get your business!"  

-- Steve Kozak, Renewable Energy Instructor, Lac Courte Orellies Ojibwa Community College



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